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Electrician experimental series of e-trailers
Teaching laboratory equipment car series
Electrical maintenance skills assessment Training table series
Programmable PLC, Microcontroller Training Device
Hydraulic, pneumatic, elevator model test series
Detection of the conversion - sensor technology test-bed
Mechanical display, multimedia display
NC cars, milling machine (teaching, production)
Mechanical and electrical integration, electrical training assessment tool
Simulation accounting, banking Laboratory
Engineering Graphics Laboratory Equipment
Home appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators Training Equipment
The number of electricity, the experimental skills mode power equipment
Rationale, Chemistry and Biology Lab Equipment
Wallcharts teaching, teaching model
Other comprehensive teaching equipment series
Teaching apparatus
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China. Beijing Beijing Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd. engineering industry

Teaching equipment | Teaching Instruments | laboratory equipment

Beijing Jing Science and Education Equipment Co., Ltd. engineering industry is a design, research and development, enterprise sales. Committed to the development of education, professional commitment to teaching equipment, teaching equipment, laboratory equipment and other products regulated Branch correct, well-election materials, a complete range of production, is the vocational schools, technical schools, training centers, teacher training institutions, the staff Education Center, , military schools, primary and secondary schools, such as schools of choice with products
The company adopted a flexible mode of operation to service and price concessions, quality, three bags, pay attention to credibility and weighing the advantages of after-sales service to win the favor of the new and old customers, old and new customer welcome calls, letters, ordered negotiations to come to our company.

Company main products keyword including: teaching equipment, teaching equipment, teaching model, mechanical display, home appliances, refrigeration heating laboratory, electrical and electronic laboratory equipment, accounting Simulation Laboratory, teaching wallcharts, vehicle driving simulator, car teaching model , electronic boards, circuit training car units, language lab, physics, chemistry, biology laboratories, demonstration of hydraulic transmission system, teaching Elevator, PLC controller programming. Electrical laboratory, electronic laboratory, medical teaching model, an integrated multi-media teaching systems.
Product is simple, durable high-quality, stable performance, beautiful appearance, reasonable price and so on. Numerous national institutions which have been widely adopted and well received. "Excellent new features, excellent quality" is our unswerving pursuit of the goal a long time. Will uphold the principle of "the pursuit of technological progress, through science and education services in support of education" as a new concept, continue to pursue the "honest, trustworthy, pioneering and enterprising" spirit of enterprise, every success in the future of education for the twenty-first century the take-off and the national economy made outstanding contributions to the prosperity
Teaching facilities | teaching instruments and equipment | Laboratory equipment | science equipment company in Beijing, China
Teaching equipment | Teaching Instruments | laboratory equipment

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Teaching Model | teaching | Teaching Instruments | laboratory equipment | Electrical and electronic skills assessment Training Desk |
Electrical and electronic laboratory equipment | Teaching wallcharts | Mechanical Drawing Model
Teaching model car transparent|Accounting Simulation Laboratory equipment |
Engineering Graphics Laboratory Equipment |Teaching Robot |Machinery Showcase |Car driving simulator

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